Thursday, December 2, 2010

PULL & BEAR AFTER PARTY Refresh your story, update your look

I have recently become obsessed with this edgy and unique brand! With thier chic but quirky boho style and undertones of rebel, they are going on my christmas wishlist faster than you can say Pull&Bear!
This party takes place at the beach, but the Pull & Bear dress code for next year’s latest nights is clearly defined by the attitude at the scene: relax, decadence, electric youth.
 And everything from such a simple view as black and white.  Far from focusing on today’s iconic reference rules - filled with celebs and Pop divas, scenes like this break with the codes and encourage people to start writing their own story.  Pull & Bear’s is about a girl who, instead of fantasizing at her mom’s boudoir, takes hold of an image according to her time; more natural, her own identity.
It’s a very easy proposal: the indie representation of simplicity and innocence all surrounded by the cozy and a little bit chaotic atmosphere after a late night out. It’s the image of a generation with a strong character, they know what they want and they’re not afraid of showing their own beauty, even though it’s an individual and imperfect beauty. Say goodbye to hairdressing and high heels, we prefer a natural hairstyle and comfortable shoes that let you have fun this night.
Above all, let’s be practically minded. Pick the little black dress up and combine it with some nude accessories, like the hippy millinery and fishnet stockings or softened rock purses and clutches. In textiles, velvet is a good choice for strapless dresses; also other feminine materials like lace or tulle with paillettes in contrast to those elements out of the party issue, or even to those coming from the masculine wardrobe: leather studded jackets and oversized knit sweaters make the look up.

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